Get Bucky the paint bucket through all of the levels by painting platforms different colors that activate different interactions when painted.

PLEASE READ THIS: I was told there are a few glitches in the game so I went back and fixed those. However, when I replayed the game I was using the  bracket buttons and I felt it may be tough to reach for, depending on how large your laptop was. Since I felt this way, I added SEMICOLON and QUOTE keys to act the same as bracket keys. Now brackets and semicolon/quote keys act the same and the number keypad access is still available.

Just a quick game I worked on for about 3-4 weeks it was supposed to be much bigger but I felt that it would not benefit from more content so I decided the game should be smaller and more like a Trap adventure type level system where it is a few things to run through per level and just a gauntlet of said levels. So for a comparison it has a similar style as Trap Adventure the mobile game minus the inevitable rage. If you want to see an expansion to Splatformer or a sequel please comment and let me know. If you did not enjoy this game please comment and let me know why you did not like Splatformer so I can  use the feedback to do better in the future. If you would like to support me as a Game Dev and Donate please feel free to do so, I hope you enjoy my game.

 Thanks For Playing!

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